What a day

The BlogAgent's mystery bug continues to be a mystery (not enough log statements... I'm going through and logging everything now. The log files will be 15 megs apiece). What a pain in the butt... The secret of course is in the DB. It was fine until a point, then someone added something in the DB that the app doesn't like. I have to figure out what it is. What this means is probably I have to wait until that site

Woof. I'm dead... it was a little stressful today. This blog is now being watched as well as being read. (Hi there.) Since it's not worth getting fired over a few dumb comments, I cleaned up my previous posts a bit. I didn't edit out anything that 2 seconds thought and some caution wouldn't have edited out before so I don't feel too censured. Oh well. I won't talk about work any more. Which is fine, I've got A LOT more to write here instead.

(Amita Mawaldy Rangarangen, one of my Journalism professors in college who passed away, is rolling in her grave, I'm sure.)

Simpleface seems to be warming up again. This is great. I'm going to push it a bit more and force page updates to the mailing list and combine the wiki sign up with a sign up to the mailing list. This will unify the systems a bit, even though actually, they're separate.

More later after I debug the BlogAgent some more and admin Simpleface.


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