Oh-oh. I SAID I wasn't going to talk about work any more, but I did in a sort of general way and out of pure luck Dave picked up that one comment and posted it. Thanks Dave... I mean normally I would be delighted, honored even... woof. Out of the frying pan...

You know what the difference between Journalists and Bloggers are Dave? Journalism is a job. You're hired to write. Blogging is a hobby. You can easily get un-hired for what you write. Especially if you say stupid or just strongly worded things. This is a fact of life.

I only noticed I was linked to after seeing my referrals section on the side of this page was quickly bulging and then I got this email:

Hi Russ:

I read your entry in the blog, following a link from Scripting News. I know who's Steve Jobs and many of my friends also knows ;) Take a look at the Spanish Slashdot if you want to be informed on the Spanish point of view of the computer industry: .

In Spain, there was a blog meeting two months ago in Madrid. I'm on Canary Islands (3000 km from there) so I couldnt participate.

To find spanish weblogs take a look at: (Main latino-spanish directory). (A new directory). (My own blog server, which hosts a fast growing community).

Greetings :)

V�ctor R. Ruiz

Hey Victor! Thanks for the email! Just to explain, I was quite surprised that the four people around me didn't know who Steve was. I was just yammering on about how I was disappointed I wasn't able to listen to the live stream through work's proxy (at 3 p.m. Madrid time) and I noticed no one cared. Then I said, "It's Steve Jobs! You know who that is, right?" And I just got a lot of blank stares. This could have been a huge misunderstanding of course, since my level of my Spanish is quite poor and maybe they thought if I was asking another question altogether ("How much does a wet terrier weigh?". ;-) Or maybe not... Anyways, I'm glad to know it's not everyone. I get more homesick every time something like that happens.

We've been to the La Palma in the Canary Islands - My wife has an old college friend living there and we visited her for a weekend. Really beautiful place. That particular island is this HUGE mountain just sticking up out of the ocean, on the top, way above the clouds are a bunch of telescopes and other scientific equipment. Really incredible...

Anyone here for the BlogAgent stuff? It's dead... I'm tracking down the weird error and also working on another demo "AmazAgent" for the Amazon Web Services stuff - I've already found a bug in the Java code just trying to compile it and the Swing app is a bit difficult to decipher, but we'll see what I come up with.


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