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Giles wrote to me to tell me he was an expat too, living in Mallorca, Spain (tough life, that. Mallorca's one of the islands in the middle of the Med.).

My theory is that I think that Expats are natural bloggers. They're already sending emails back home to their friends and family regularly, they're posting pictures for the same reasons, miss home and have a general level of frustration from living in a foreign world that they want to get out and a Blog is a perfect place to do it:

Subject: Ex-pats and Blogs?

Well, if it helps form your theory, I'm now technically an ex-pat, and I have a blog. I'd even keep it updated, if the machine with the update script weren't in france at the moment, making its way down here. (Note to self: software version 2 not to be client-dependent :P)

Anyway, just thoguht I'd drop a note to say hi.


Giles, or Toni to the locals.

I haven't written back to ask him why he has two names yet, but it's probably for the same reason I curse my parents for giving me the name Russell now that I live in Spain. Here it's "roo-SELL" and it's never understood correctly the first time (QUE!?!). When we named Alex (which is my middle name by the way) we thought long and hard as to whether he was going to have any troubles here in Spain. But we've heard of quite a few Alexanders here so we decided there would be no problem. We could have called him Alejandro, but that wouldn't be naming him after me now would it? Besides, Alejandro Beattie?


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