I almost forgot, I changed the name of the Agent stuff to be more generic now that it has both BlogAgent and the AmazAgent stuff inside. You can download the most recent code here:

I'm using the Manywhere name now for all my tech projects that I'm working on. I came up with the name, logo and website for a wireless idea a while back ("m" being for mobile - it was sort of a Seven/Sputnik/Joltage idea) but I still like the name so I'm going to continue to use it for tech projects. The idea is to eventually separate my technical stuff from my personal stuff so that this page will be just my personal thoughts and the tech stuff will be on the Manywhere site. I'm not sure how well that will work since I'm 110% geek, so there's not a lot of difference between my personal and technical lives, but that's the plan. ;-)

My next project will definitely be making an impact, so I'm prepping the Manywhere site now... it's one of the reasons I don't want to screw around with the Agent stuff anymore. I've got bigger/better things to work on!

Enough talk. Just get it done. Just get it done.


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