When it rains, it pours

When it rains, it pours. After 6 months of looking, I finally got two solid job offers today as well as a contact from an old colleague who needs technical help for a project he's working on here in Madrid. The first is with a company called RealTech, a SAP integrator (free use of the company car is part of the perks, very cool), the second is a contract job for a big telecom here in Spain using a Java server among other server-side tech including Web Services. Both sound very cool. The contact wanted me to talk to me about working with him as a technical guy on a project for one of the big banks here. Wow. What a week. (Hey, Alexander's a week old today! And our first wedding anniversary is tomorrow!)

We'll see what happens this weekend. The 2nd job offer wants me to start Monday, though we haven't come to terms on salary yet and RealTech hasn't sent me an offer letter yet, so it's hard to compare. The third will be good only if I totally blow the first two opportunities...



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