3G Info

I was chatting with Miker in India again (it's the afternoon there, and I'm doing my nightowl thing) and I wasn't sure if India had 3G yet (answer no) - so I started looking it up and discovered this great blog with a huge summary of the UMTS situation around the world. It *looks* like one of those spam blogs at first, complete with generic blogger template and seemingly random domain name. But on closer examination, it seems to have been written by a student named Beril Inan in the Netherlands is pretty well done - some of the info is old, but it's not bad. A good summary in general.

Check it out here: http://0el70beril.blogspot.com/.


P.S. More from Miker:

(04:14:20 AM) Mike: large boulders in the road
(04:14:35 AM) Mike: which seemed to be serving as some kind of traffic marker
(04:14:56 AM) Mike: not that I could discern the pattern it was encouraging
(04:15:11 AM) Mike: but no one was running them over, so I have to assume they were there on purpose
(04:15:34 AM) Mike: this place is complete and utter madness, total chaos all over the place
(04:15:38 AM) Mike: it's fantastic
(04:15:49 AM) Mike: I hope I need to come back at some point where I have more time

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