Ahhhhh.... That's better. I downloaded Spider-Man last night (iMesh). A bootleg from some cinema with Korean subtitles. What a great flick! I can't wait to see it in the cine... however, since my pregnant wife is a day past her due date, I'm sure we'll have no free time when it does come, so I'm glad that I got a sneak preview so I don't die in suspense. ;-)

In case you're wondering what the Spanish think of American movies it's this: Spaniards, from what I can tell think of American movies as the 'real' movies. Though unlike many countries, Spain is lucky enough to have it's own movies too. They have the Goya Awards every year for movies made here and have internationally famous actors and actresses and directors like Antonio, Penelope, and Almodovar. These home-grown movies do receive almost equal billing when they come to the cinema, but nothing can beat Hollywood's marketing machine and money. My wife saw Gladiator before I did and liked it a lot and we talked about it while dating (I had heard it was a bit gory). People here go to American movies without batting an eye and think about the quality of American movies as the standard.

Case in point: My wife's sisters who live together not far from here and very Spanish (i.e. don't speak English and don't really have any interest in the U.S., unlike my wife) they have a collection of videos that they ordered through a subscription to the newspaper ABC. All the videos are from the U.S. They've got a good 50 of them and counting (I guess a new one comes every month). There's no thought on their part that these movies are particularly 'foreign' at all. They're just movies. If you go to Blockbuster, obviously the vast-majority of films are American and El Cortes Ingles' video section is also all from Hollywood. This is just a fact of life.

Additionally, a correllary to all this is that the Spanish are completely unaware of dubbing. They've heard it all their lives and are almost more disturbed when a person's lips move and match their voice rather than not. (Just kidding). No, seriously, the dubbing on television drives me nuts! Horrible acting, the same exact voices over and over again, etc. But my wife can't tell! I'll say, hey! That's the voice of Chandler on Friends doing this yogurt commercial and my wife looks at me quizically and thinks I'm some voice genius. (I'm not).

What I have noticed is that people will review a film or talk about it and note its 'Americanisms.' These are things that they know about, but really have no bearing on every day life here. Barbecues, gangs, baseball, American football, anything from Texas, you get the idea.

That's my two-cents worth. I'm not Spanish, but this is what I've observed.

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