I feel so guilty using Blogger

Oof. I feel so guilty using Blogger. I'm a programmer, dammit and this stuff is so ridiculously easy to do myself. I can't believe I'm relying on a third party to do this. Especially Blogger. How does Blogger make any money from this service? I see no ads right now and I paid nothing to sign up. How is this possible? Well, in the long run it's not. So doing anything that relies on this service is pretty dumb.

So why don't I just use Radio Userland? Well, it's a decent product, but Dave hasn't sold me enough on it yet, so I'd rather use something else. Actually, he seems like a good guy, but I don't want this app running on my machine without knowing exactly what it's doing. In other words, I really doubt it's secure at all. For example, I didn't like the web bugs that were implemented and other options that sort of appear with .root updates every night. I know I can turn that stuff off, but I don't want to search for crap like that. If Microsoft did this sort of thing (well they do) but if they had an app that was as intrusive, you'd hear no end of screaming from Dave and others... so I'll pass for now.

I REALLY need to implement this using my own technology. I think I'll do that now. (probably losing these posts, but hey. ;-)

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