5 Billion Ads for Admob!


It's absolutely incredible to me that only 18 months ago, Omar sent out a message to the Mobile Monday Silicon Valley announcing a new little startup called Admob, which aimed to be a pay-per-click mobile advertising system. It was great to see that finally there was an self-serve system for mobile advertising, but with Google owning the market in the web world and Yahoo! hot on their trail, it definitely looked like a long shot. Instead, the site took off like a rocket, VCs swarmed, and shortly thereafter my pal Miker joined the company and to build out the back end system which is handling all that traffic.

From humble beginnings to a billion impressions a month in year and a half. And those aren't just "page views" or "eyeballs" those impressions are *advertising* and generate real cash. Absolutely incredible.

Great job guys! Keep up the great work - the GOOG is coming for you! :-)


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