$50M round for Novarra


Pow! Mobile content adaption company Novarra just raised a massive $50M round with Qualcomm ponying up a small bit as a strategic investor. Great news for those guys! First Voda, then Yahoo!, and now they have the capital to continue to growth. Very cool! So why the hell isn't everyone on Techmeme posting about this? Ning gets a "monster" $44M, but a $50M investment in Novarra gets a yawn? WTF? [Oh, woops... Spoke too soon. It's on Techmeme now, though so far most of the usual suspects have ignored the news. ]

Oh, by the way, if there's any "angels" reading this, you know I have some technology similar to these guys and it won't cost $50M to start investing. In fact, as I'm still trying to figure out how to pay August's rent... terms would be rather cheap, I think. ;-)


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