WHooooohoooo! I'm using my own home-grown system!

Thank Goodness! I've been wanting to switch forever and now I'm finally using my own system to post my blogs. It's a bit quirky since it's like 1000 lines of JSP code (baaaaad coding Russ, bad!). But it works and that's the main point. Blogger was seriously down and wouldn't let me post anything, so I finally decided to just hunker down and do it.

The hardest part is the freakin' calendar code. I ripped off the calendar you see to your left and then I integrated the posts into it. It still doesn't work exactly like I want it to, and older posts from November are sort of lost (you have to click like 8 times to see them...) but for now I'm happy with it.

Okay, I gotta go ironing now.


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