Good morning

Well, I can finally post to my blog/journal/online notebook without having to go through any major steps. This makes me happy... I just arrived at work and have to get started messing with the Java app server stuff seriously today. This should be fun. The app server the company is using is a bit behind the times, so it's not as easy to step through the code while programming, etc.

I'm off track a bit. Anyways, I wanted to post because there's several changes/enchancements I want to make to the Notebook you're now reading. But I can't write much because they're already asking me for things here and I need to get started (WORK! I tell you!). First is the time! I'm 7 hours ahead of whatever is being tagged on the bottom of the page. 2nd, I think there needs to be a link to a "full archive list" or something like that so people don't have to hunt to find back posts. 3rd, I don't like the default view when you go back a month and there doesn't happen to be a post on the first. It just says "sorry, no posts for this day." It needs to have a list of archives for that month or something.

Okay, gotta go run and mess with Java now.


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