More stuff I want to do to this blog

Hmm... I also want to add the stuff I wrote when I was using Radio for the Manywhere site. And I want to add this code to Manywhere and use it as sort of a technical weblog... If I add user info to this code, I could invite others to come in and help add to the manywhere blog. That's a fun thought.

Also, I'd like to create the self-contained weblogger tool like Radio using java. I've got the basics done already, I just need to get Hyper-DB working in the same memory space as Tomcat and I'm away. That means that I'll also have to clean this code up to be able to export the pages as static HTML. I'm going to add URL redirects so that the URL above doesn't say index.jsp?date=123456 but instead says read/123456.html or something like that.

Back to work.

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