Stuff To Do

I really need to get a handle on all these projects I want to work on, which are again:

  • J2ME Crossword demo app.
  • J2EE Calendaring and Scheduling Engine (
  • Java based "Agent Server" for Instant Message-based applications.
  • Java based Weblogger with email integration.
  • Simplified MVC framework for Java-based websites. ControlServlet, custom Tags, etc.
  • C/C++ development for my Palm and the Symbian 6.1 SDK.
  • P2P based application like Groove. Jars, SOAP, etc.
  • Java based Wiki application with File/Image repositories and discussion forum.
  • Manywhere!

Oh! I never explained Manywhere in my previous posts. Have you heard of It's the guy from Earthlink's system for WiFi (802.11) based networking. Basically they're selling a system that will allow people with wireless network cards to get access in public places around the country. They're focused on cafes, bookshops, airports, etc. But what I want to do is this: provide software and a service for do-it-yourself wireless access points. Someone with DSL and extra bandwidth could install the Manywhere wireless server and be able to start providing that extra bandwidth wirelessly for a small fee. Someone who wants to access Manywhere servers would sign up the site for a username/password and a bunch of credits to use to access the net where ever they like. Manywhere the company and the guy who's server is being used share the profits from the user. If the user spends $10 in credits one afternoon on some guy's DSL line in Boise, the DSL provider gets $5 - providing incentive for him/her to provide the service and help pay for their DSL line and maybe even start putting other lines in more public places (every credit used is more money for that person.) I would need to provide a sign up site, the server (really just a proxy) software and maybe the client software (like Boingo)... But since I don't have much of an idea about wireless networking it's just an idea right now. I'll be watching to see when someone else develops this first.

Oh. And I also told Theo I would help him with an IRC applet client which looks pretty easy, but is going to take an afternoon of messing with to get right. Ugh...

I'm going to go nuts with all these different projects. I really need to pick a direction and go. It's just that every week I get buzzed about a new technology.



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