Good morning again!

At work again, it's morning and I have to try to figure out what the hell I'm doing with this app server now. The whole commerce stuff has me bewildered - it's this huge API with non-standard JSP tags and it's own way of working. I can barely get any data out of the thing now and I'm supposed to be done with a few pages soon. We've got this insanely tight schedule for phase I of my project. In 9 days everything is supposed to be done. It's a good thing we have some Spanish guys from Valencia who have a clue about the server we're using in addition to the other consultants, because without them we'd be clueless. Or at least I would...

Well, I added a bit to the "journal" last night. The pages have a list of the month's posts at the bottom now, which makes it a bit easier to find old posts and makes the blank pages that come up when you use the calendar (the first of the month links) nicer to view. I also added the old posts that I was writing when I was using Manywhere. There was only 6 or 7 , but they where pretty long, so I wanted to save them.

Something about the system still seems difficult to find old posts... I'm thinking about adding a "all archives" link. Maybe with a short summary of the post... but that's only because I don't have many posts yet. We'll see.

Okay, to work.


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