Applet based editor for Wikis

Hmmmm.... Almost didn't make an entry for today. It's a good thing that the date is so many hours behind me here in Spain because it's technically tomorrow here (3:00 a.m.).

I'm doing research into an Applet based editor for Wiki's. It's been talked about for several years now on Twiki, but no one has gotten off their ass and done anything about it. I'm thinking about 3 ways of doing HTML editing directly in a web page:

  • Flash based editor.
  • Java 1.3 - Swing based editor.
  • Mozilla XUL based editor (for Moz only, obviously...)

I also added the scheduling stuff to the Journal app - I haven't integrated it yet, but it's there waiting for me now. A thought came up today while I was working: Do I need the WHOLE Java SDK or can I just use the JRE? Tomcat may freak on just the JRE, but I think I remember them doing something about that... I'm not sure - I'll have to review this issue. Maybe just the JRE and the tools.jar would be enough - or maybe I can redistribute IBMs JDK or something. We'll have to see.


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