The weekends are getting shorter now

The weekends are getting shorter now. This one blazed by before I knew it. I didn't even get my ironing done tonight, which means the rest of the week I'm going to be trying to get it done in the morning, which will make me even more late for work.

I'm a chronic night-owl. I've been one forever. I prefer mornings actually, but I never seem to want to go to bed. That says a lot about my personality. I could go to bed now and wake up early, but then I'd have to wait 8 hours to do all the things I want to do now. Nope, I couldn't do that.

The world cup is over and I'm happy that Brazil won. I am now officially sick of soccer for a while. I got Ana into it during the winter and we started watching the Champion's League games when Real Madrid was playing. It worked out really well, since they went on to win the championship! Then we started watching the World Cup (highlights mostly at 2 a.m. here since Spain's broadcast rights were all screwed up - it's almost like there were no games broadcast.) And now, I'm officially done. I even took the International Superstar Soccer game out of my GBA and put in Mario Golf. Great for when you're in the bathroom. ;-)

Thinking about writing a BlogToaster for Jabber... Probably should go to bed.

Alex is cool as hell still. 6 weeks old and getting neater every day. We watched the video of his first days yesterday and we can't believe how much he's grown in such a short period. He was a really scrawny lookin' fella when he popped out, but he's fattened up since then. We're still waiting for consistent smiles and all the good stuff, but he's a lot mellower now and is slipping into a routine so it's nice. A little less stressful than it has been.


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