I got a haircut today.

It's getting really hot here in Madrid, so I wanted it really short. I've seen some guys with short-short hair recently and I thought that it would be cool to try that now that I'm getting a bit of a peak (losing my hair a bit in the front... add that to the grey... ugh. I'm old before my time).

Anyways... I asked the barber for a cut the same length all around. About 1/4 of an inch. I figured that would be fine. He asked me twice if I was sure. And I confirmed twice that's what I wanted.

I look like Bull from Nightcourt now. Who KNOWS what I was thinking. It's going to be hell tomorrow at work, the Spanish really like to give you a hard time - all in jest, but it's going to be never ending tomorrow, for sure.

Oh, hey. I updated the BlogAgent. It's much more slick now. I took a look at BlogToaster to see what Simon was doing, then I cleaned it up, added the importer like I wanted. It's running now and seems pretty cool. Send a message to manywhere@jabber.com via Jabber to see what it looks like.

But the freakin' JabberBeans don't send Presence info right so it looks like my agent is offline all the time! Dammit! I need to track that down now.


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