And at work the next morning...

Actually, while I was shaving this morning I had another thought: "The first rule of fight club is you DON'T talk about fight club." I look like that first recruit in the house where Brad slaps the back of his head... That's much cooler than Bull.

I am Jack's flaming bile duct. (or something like that).

Had a thought last night that no one in the world is going to use Jabber. The clients for it generally suck. I'm amazed at how popular MSN messenger has become in such a short time. So many people I know now use it, where a year or so ago, it was a joke. Freakin' m$ monopoly power. Anyways, there's an open source library for Java-to-MSN Messenger on SourceForge called MSNJ that I found last night, and I made a quick conversion to having the BlogAgent run on MSN, but there's some sort of bug that it was too late to track down. I'll get it running tonight when I get home. I'm going to see what other IMs I can get the agent to talk to besides Jabber and MSN. I prefer Yahoo, actually... but it's becoming less and less popular it seems.

Hey! I sent a message about the BlogAgent to Adam Curry and he posted my link on his blog. COOL! Thanks Adam!


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