What have I created!!?!?!

I'm at work not doing work because I keep getting pinged with updates to cool weblogs. What have I created!!?!?!

In other words, the AOL version of the BlogAgent ("BlogAgent" using AIM) finally did what the other two versions really didn't: worked the next morning. Cool.

For anyone who cares, I added an RSS feed to my blog. I made a different icon than the Userland stuff because I think that XML is too generic a term. XML is like calling something TXT. XML is a format, it can apply to different uses like RSS and SOAP. If what you're going to be downloading is an RSS formatted XML file, it should be labled RSS, not XML. Okay, I'm crawling off my soapbox now...


P.S. I almost forgot, happy Independence Day! Not much happening here in Spain, logically, but hey, I'm still an American.

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