Me again

I just had another thought. Well a couple. First, I should include a title on these posts. I have the field in my DB, but I'm just not using or publishing it. I need to do that, since I'm always adding some sort of header in bold anyways.

Secondly, I just had a thought about a functionality addition to the BlogAgent that will make it more like a community. When I get home tonight, I'm going to add a "who" command which will publish all the user names on the system. and a "who url" will tell you all the users who are reading the same blog. Obviously, this takes away a bit of privacy, but I think it adds a lot to the system. I guess you could opt out by typing "who off", right?

I could even make some sort of announcement mechanism. For example, you could "announce" and it would say "russell wants to chat, send him a message." Or, "announce URL" where it would only announce that you want to chat about a certain blog to those users who are subscribed to that blog. Finally, you could turn it off by typing "announce off" and you wouldn't get notified. This makes blogging MUCH more interactive, no?

Back to work.


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