About This Site, Redux

I'm *still* getting complaints about the Twitter stuff, which I think is amusing and enjoy. However, I seem to be reaching a level of readers again that *don't get it* when it comes to my blog, so I'll point out the part of my About page that's been there for a few years now:

This site is my *personal* weblog - I will write whatever I want here about anything I want using any style I want and cover a range of topics from the trivial to professional. You will find the occasional swear word and extreme opinion here - those with delicate sensibilities should probably stay away. Remember, you are not being forced to read this site, so if you dislike anything about it, please feel free to not read it.

I think that's pretty clear, no? I use this blog to write, experiment, express thoughts and ideas, etc. and I will not be cajoled into doing things one way or another because whinging readers don't like it. I am not a "professional" blogger and have actively chosen not to be. I don't anxiously count readers, page views, linkbacks, etc. - I just write do what I want and you subscribe if you want.

In other words, please unsubscribe if you don't like Twitter stuff. And don't leave a comment telling me you're doing so in some sort of righteous huff, because I really don't give a flying fuck.



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