AdMob's Mobile Market Report


Very cool. AdMob has lifted the kimono a bit on their mobile advertising metrics - giving us a summary of September's traffic during which they served over 1.5 Billion mobile ad impressions. I've been looking at my stats lately, but this is a lot nicer - not only is it based on a considerably larger dataset, but it's also had a lot of work done to it, breaking down the stats by manufactuer, device, country, etc.

Lots of interesting to things to note. There's still *lots* of RAZR V3 owners out there, and they seem to like using it to browse the mobile web. It's also interesting to see Sony Ericsson's top spot in the UK, Moto in the US, and Nokia's grip on the rest of the world (including all of the top 10 handsets in India).

AdMob rules. I love real stats like this as they can be so hard to get access to - and it really helps when trying to figure out what features to target in mobile.


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