AdSense for Mobile: Day 2 still sucks

Woof. I just checked my overnight's ads (which includes most of Europe and NZ daytime) and the situation hasn't improved much from yesterday:

Type Page Impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings
AdSense for Mobile 20,288 42 0.21% $0.13 $2.73

Wow, these guys are killing me... This experiment has now cost me about $30 in ad revenue over the past couple days. The numbers went up *slightly* from yesterday - the click through rate is now at a .21% which is double from yesterday, but I should be earning almost 10 times as much money from that many impressions. It makes me wonder if Google's entry into the market is going to depress earnings for the other mobile ad networks, or whether they just need to "catch up" in terms of advertisers.

I'll try it for another day, and then swap back to AdMob. Not only am I too broke to play this game for a week as I originally thought, but I have no desire to give GOOG more mobile revenues.


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