AdSense for Mobile: Starting slow

Yowza... I swapped over to Google's Adsense for Mobile from AdMob to see how it'd go... and the answer is: Not well. Maybe it'll take Google a few more days to get inventory and make the ads more relevant, though I'm not sure. I will give them this though, seeing the results of today's Mobile ads was very clear - right in the top view of the AdSense page. I just wish the numbers weren't so bad.

Compare my overnight numbers to last Wednesday's AdMob earnings:

Type Page Impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings
AdSense for Mobile 13,819 16 0.12% $0.10 $1.33
AdMob 22,283 256 1.15% $0.81 $17.98

Even with the extra 10,000 impressions for AdMob, there's still a massive discrepancy in the amount earned and the click through rate. I'll check back in a couple days and see if the situation has improved...


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