AdSense for Mobile: Still not monetizing well

So yesterday, I decided to test out whether the latest AdMob numbers were a fluke, or whether they would be replicated using AdSense if I just swapped back. The question in my mind was the ads vs. the traffic, and wondering if I had changed over too soon. Now that I've had a consistent 10 days of making about $70-$80 a day with AdMob, I decided to test it. To make sure the numbers were easy to compare, I swapped all my ads over to AdSense from 5 p.m. yesterday until 5 p.m. today... The results were pretty clear:

Type Page Impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings
AdSense for Mobile 40,055 744 1.86% $1.05 $42.06

Google's AdSense for mobile just does not monetize as well as AdMob, I would have made at least $30 more yesterday. However the bot traffic is just crazy as soon as you start showing Google Ads. It's so hard to see my traffic start to slowly dwindle, which I assume is a result of not using Google's Ads. But with an almost 50% difference in actual income, it's a game I'm likely to play for a while. Now that I have a data point, I can think about how many ads to dedicate to AdSense to try to keep my traffic steady. Not that I know exactly what that is right now, but I'll work out the numbers, I'm sure. Something around 20% of my ads maybe?

Just in case you haven't seen my experiments with Google's AdSense for Mobile, here's a link to my previous posts:


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