Wow, almost a week has gone by without me posting... I really need to stop using Twitter so much and write my thoughts here instead.

Random thoughts:

* I made beef stew last night for the first time in my life. Just your basic ingredients: beef, celery, carrots, onion, potatoes. It was really good - probably the best beef stew I've had in a long time and better yet, the munchkin liked it as well, which was great.

* I'm looking for a new house in Menlo Park now that I have a salary again. I like how cheap my current place is but that's about it - it's not a place I would have chosen if I had my druthers. I've always been a person who's gotten the best apartment they can afford, rather than the opposite. Yes you save money if you live in a cave or some hole and then you can put a down payment on a mortgage later. But life is way too short for that. I'd rather rent a nice place instead - and in fact have almost always done that. I'm pretty sick of hearing neighbors thumping around all the time - I need a house.

* I was in line yesterday and the cutest thing happened. Some older (okay, "old" full stop) people in front of me were chatting away and started talking about their age. "I'm 90" says one, and another couple says "We're 80!" and then out of nowhere, one of the couple busts out a Barack Obama pin and shows it to me! "You like him?" Yes, I do! I replied with a big smile. "Good!" she said, and then her husband (the other octogenarian) chimed in about the past 8 disastrous years, etc. It made my day.

* I now have a Wii again and a Wii Fit - the We Ski game is pretty fun, though it's really short. I wish I could use the balance board on the XBox 360 with Amped 3, *that* would be fun. I'm definitely going to have to use some of my enlarged European-style vacation days this year to head out to the mountains and take my son Skiing for the first time.

Ahh, that felt good! Got to get back in the blogging habit again!


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