Atari and 80s computer ads


Engadget is reporting that it's the 30th anniversary of the Atari 2600... I can't say that I have any fond memories of that particular system, however, I do remember all those old 80s computer ads with the images in the background. Everyone looked like they were having a total blast! (Personally, I just remember going back and forth between Pitfall's three different screens wondering what the hell the point was, and wondering why Pacman never looked up or down, but man, those pics!) If you were anything like me, you'd have ripped out the magazine ad and analyzed every inch of it, driving your parents crazy pointing out all the cool things you could do if only you had one.

I'd love to see some gaming company roll out a retro campaign based on those old ads. Even if those youngsters today didn't get it, every parent my age would be whipping out their credit cards to relive the moment, trust me.


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