California Election Guide via Mowser


Tomorrow's primary is easy for the big stuff - the candidates - but I always get tripped up at the polls with the random propositions they throw out there. It's not a good idea to start reading up on them once you've entered the booth, but if you've got some time before hand you can check out the official California Voter Information Guide online.

I just double checked the site and it works great using Mowser, so if you're cooling your heals away from a computer before you go vote, or if you're waiting in line and you didn't get a hard copy at the door, you can pull the link up via your phone and do some quick research on the propositions.

And just for tomorrow, I've added the shortcut "ca" to make it easier. Just type it in on the Mowser front page, and you'll be directed right to the official voter info guide instantly. (Sorry if you live in the other States - I'll make a better effort in the fall.).



P.S. Go Obama!

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