Cameron Moll's Mobile Web Design is Available


Cameron Moll has finished up his self-published online book Mobile Web Design. He sent me a preview copy a few weeks ago so I could help check it over if I wanted to help, and of course, I said, yeah, and then after skimming it once never got back to it. Where did August go again? Happily, Cameron isn't as bad of a procrastinator as I am, and has successfully wrapped up the edits, and gotten the book online.

I won't pretend that I've read every word, but I just checked out the final copy and it's a great piece of work - a nice overview of the current state of the art in mobile web. If you're a heads down mobile web developer you'll know most everything in the book (though it is nice to see it all in one place) but if you're new to the mobile web, this is definitely a good purchase for you, or for your brother, etc.

Congrats Cameron!


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