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I had a relatively polite email exchange with Josh Bancroft over at the TinyScreenfuls blog about a post of mine I saw in his public link blog - he had copied the entire text and image, and I had asked him to use just a fair-use snippet instead, which he did... but not before unsubscribing to all my blogs. Doh! I guess it wasn't as polite as I thought.

One thing he mentioned was that I didn't have a terms of use on my new blog, which is true - I had forgotten to move over the one I had on my old blog. I just copied it to the about page and just so it's clear, I'll put it here as well.

About This Site

Everything you read on this site which is written by me is copyrighted by me, as well as my image above and any recordings, photos or videos that I’ve taken and published here as well. Though it doesn’t need to be, a copyright notice is plainly viewable at the bottom of each page. The RSS feed of this site is for personal use only, any re-publishing of my content without my permission is illegal.

This site is my *personal* weblog - I will write whatever I want here about anything I want using any style I want and cover a range of topics from the trivial to professional. You will find the occasional swear word and extreme opinion here - those with delicate sensibilities should probably stay away. Remember, you are not being forced to read this site, so if you dislike anything about it, please feel free to not read it.

I think that makes my opinions on the matter pretty clear, no? Please email me if you have any problems with it.



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