Craigslist Rocks!

After trying to sell the XBox 360 plus all the stuff for months on eBay, I threw together a quick Craig's List post to see what would happen. A couple days later, I get a call at 9 p.m. from a college kid who wanted it right then and there, and I said, come on over! It turned out that he couldn't scrape enough cash out of the ATM until the next day, so he came by last night instead, but I finally sold it. Awesome.

Seriously, Craig's List rules. As the buyer, he got to check everything out before he laid down the cash, got to ask me questions about it, realized what a great deal it was and walked away happy. As the seller, I didn't have to deal with online scammers, with UPS or USMail to ship the thing (with insurance, etc.), pay PayPal fees or do anything really but wait for someone to come by with money.

I'm telling you right now, eBay is in serious trouble.


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