Dear Netflix: Fuck You


I don't know about you, but I'm pretty fucking sick of seeing fucking Netflix's fucking pop-up ads. Whatever ad-agency they're using has circumvented Firefox's anti-popup stuff so every time I go to a site that's using it, I end up a seeing another fucking Netflix ad. Only Netflix, no one else. Everyone else has gotten the fucking clue that it's invasive and annoying, but not Netflix, they're either stupid or assholes (though I'm thinking both).

You could say it's the site that uses pop-up's fault (the latest being just now, or the other day E! tv's site when checking out the Oscars, etc.) but it's the SOURCE who are the real assholes. There'd be no fucking Netflix pop-ups if fucking Netflix wasn't paying for them.

So, Netflix: FUCK YOU.

I was a customer once, I'm not now, but I'll never be one again even if you delivered every fucking movie on earth instantly to my TV tomorrow. There you go, happy? I think every Netflix customer should cancel their account and make sure they put down that they're sick of seeing fucking popups as well, and maybe they'd get a clue and fire whatever fuckwit approved these ads and cut the shit. Maybe.



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