Design Moods


I keep messing with the design of my blog... though if you're subscribed, you probably don't even notice which is good... I keep vacillating between a super simple design, sort of like the original 37 Signals stuff - just black, whites and greys, and then I see something I like as I'm reading the web and decide I should try that instead.

I tried some smaller fonts today. Though they're specified in percentages, so it's easily expandable. And I ripped off the background from (of all places) - I saw it on a Mac (of all places) yesterday while stopping by an Apple Store and thought, "ooh, that's nice," and slapped it on my page to see how it'd look. It's nice, except that I think it looks like just about every other weblog out there, which is bad. I want to be a unique and special snowflake.

I made the fonts smaller, but since I have a penchant for big letters it probably won't last. I like the designs that have enormous fonts for some reason. And soft colors. Though once in a while something with a strong black or green is cool too. I think I'll have to find a style at some point and stick with it. Or go full out and get someone from CSS Zen Garden to come in and pimp out the blog in a big way or something... Generally, I'd like a style that doesn't reflect the best that I can do with CSS, but rather something that looks slick and cool.

It's almost too easy to mess with the CSS though... it makes it easy to swap the style based on your mood. Which over time, probably isn't good...


Update: My mood changed, and everything's pretty much back the way it was. :-) More blue than grey though... :-)

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