esyURL integrated Mowser!


A few days ago, after reading Charlie's post about Twitter and mobile URLs, Filipe Boldo of esyURL emailed me and asked what I thought about having Mowser integrated into the esyURL url-shortening service. I responded and said that I thought it'd be a great idea and pointed him to some code examples on the wiki that might help.

Well, I'm not sure if the code helped, but a few days later and it's done! Cool! I just tried it out with the url to this blog, and got back an esyURL like this:, and when clicking on it from a phone (or a spoofed header) you get a page prompt that asks you if you'd like to go to the original or view a mobilized version powered by Mowser. Very awesome!

So, if you want to send a shortened URL, and you're not sure if someone's going to access it via a phone, definitely send it via esyURL!

Thanks Felipe!


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