Fireman Sam... and Morbidly Obese Dana?


Alex is having his breakfast and watching one his favorite shows, Fireman Sam, and once again I'm just *amazed* during breaks between episodes. You have to wonder what the HELL the people at PBS were thinking when they signed up Firefighter Dana to host the Fireman Sam Safety Tips during the British stop motion children's show. I mean, hey, I'm sure she's a wonderful person and a very capable firefighter, etc., but holy crap, the woman is HUGE. In the cartoon you have the firefighters trying to stay in shape by jogging, etc. and then during the break here comes a woman who sort of gives another example entirely. I don't need a super-model to show up, but come on!

Between that and the fact that I think Alex is learning more from Norman the little evil kid than from the good children in the show, I think I'll have to find something else for him to watch in the mornings.


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