First Grade


My son just entered first grade this year and so my Mom dug out a class photo of me in first grade from 1979 that I had forgotten existed.

I don't remember much about the class or the teacher (and why did I draw a circle around her head? Did I not like her?). The little girl with the glasses name was Stacey, I think I may have had a little crush on her. Oh! I just remembered.. The kid on the left of me with the plaid shirt was named Ross - which wasn't a problem because at that age everyone called me Russell anyways, but it scarred me for life with the idea that I'd be mistaken for a Ross... ;-)

In case you can't tell, I'm the tallest kid in the back. I think my clip-on tie was pretty styling, no? (THAAAANKS Mom!). Hopefully I dress my kid in a way that won't be embarrassing 30 years from now, but who probably not.



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