Go Obama!


I've liked Barack Obama since he spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention, and after seeing him on shows like Charlie Rose and in the debates, I think he's the one I'd like to see as the Democratic choice and as President next year. If Hilary won I'd be fine with it, but I prefer Barack. I have no doubt he'd be a "newbie" at getting things done in Washington, but I think he'd also be able to unite a lot more of the country and get the vote as well. Besides, Oprah likes him... what else do you need?

And hey, check out Obama Mobile! He's got text alerts - text GO to OBAMA 62262 - and wallpapers and even ringtones. Very cool...

Go O!


Update: W00t! Iowa results are in, Barack got 38%, rolling over Clinton and Edwards. Awesome! Now I need to get my NH resident parents to vote for Obama too. :-)

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