Going to the Inauguration

There's an interesting post in Politico today about the crowds expected in Washington D.C. should Obama win the presidency next week (as I hope he will). My birthday is January 20th - Inauguration Day - and I've been wanting to go see the event for literally my entire life. Well, obviously, minus a few years here and there. Since this is something that only happens once every four years, I'm seriously considering going this year, especially since I'm also a big Obama fan.

I know nothing about D.C. though - where to stay, how hard it would be to get to the National Mall, etc. What do you think? Am I too late? Would all the hotels be booked? How far away could I stay to drive in? From what I read, in order to get an actual ticket to the area where there are seats you need to get them from your Congressperson (they're not for sale), but with 500,000+ people expected to turn out, I'm sure it'd be quite the event no matter where I ended up seeing it from!


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