Google AdSense Swapping Supported by Mowser


Google finally dropped the other shoe - Mobile AdSense just launched. Read about it here.

As I predicted back in April, Google is using the same AdSense ID that they do for regular web based ads, so I've added the code to Mowser to detect and swap out advertisements *automatically*. That's right, if you use AdSense advertising and someone uses Mowser to view your website while mobile, Mobile AdSense ads will automatically be included using YOUR publisher ID, so you receive the click revenue. A monetized mobile version of your website is available today, with zero effort on your part. (Out of respect for my pals at AdMob, of course, if you happen to be using the header tag with your AdMob ID, that will take precedence over the AdSense. Because AdMob rocks. :-) ).

If you want to point readers to your mobile site powered by Mowser right now, simply put something like this to your site's header section:

<link rel="alternate" type="text/html" media="handheld" href="" title="Mobile/PDA" />

That will ensure that if someone finds your site via a Google Search, it will be redirected to your monetized Mowser-powered mobile version. Also, by adding a handheld stylesheet, you can customize the look and feel of your mobilized site as Mowser is still the only content adaption engine to pass that through to the end user.

This service is bound to be a bit buggy at first, but hopefully I'll work out the kinks ASAP. Any problems, please drop me a line.


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