Green Tea, Toast with butter and honey, and Daft Punk

Woke up this morning early for me... Decided that rather than sucking down a Red Bull and vitamins, that I'd try some green tea and toast. It's very nice. Not nearly as stimulating, but that's okay.

I also wanted some music. I'm completely sick of my personal music collection, which has been in MP3 form for about a decade now and been played a bazillion times in about every combination possible. So I typed "Daft Punk" into Pandora and am now listening to various electronica music, but not the complete random stuff you get on something like Shoutcast. I typed in Spoon the other day as well, but it wasn't as good as I hoped. I guess I don't know Spoon well enough to know what I was asking for. Dido radio is good, but after a while you feel like you're listening to a VH1 special on Women of Rock. Interesting... you can get Pandora on Sprint and AT&T phones? I didn't know that.

Almost forgot about CTIA... Not much of any interest that I've seen so far. Samsung's got a new touch screen phone which is hip. I skimmed my news *very* quickly this morning as it's chock full of crap, so I'll have to see later if I missed anything.

Oh, hey! It's April!


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