Habit post


One of the pieces of advice that I give to new bloggers regularly is post, post, post. Get a routine and stick with it, because if you don't, you'll start to build up what a blog is in your mind, and eventually you'll just stop posting because it seems like this massive hurdle to overcome. My advice is always the same, post when you think about posting, and if you've got nothing to say, just say that just to keep in the rhythm. Most people don't bother listening to me, but that's okay, it works for me.

Personally, I don't really ever have problems finding stuff to say. In fact, one of the reasons to start writing this again was I've tipped over that point where I start driving my friends crazy via IM and email with cool new thoughts and ideas. There's only so much your pals can digest before they just start ignoring you. :-) Might as well put all that stuff out there.

I'm back using Wordpress to blog, btw - I really like it actually, and happily I know it's internals quite well by now and can tweak it as I see fit. That's always nice. I think I'm going to have to ditch the "Rich Text Editor" though, as it keeps on doing funky things to my text - like adding a hard space before the beginning word of each paragraph? That's a CSS function, thanks, not something I want hard coded into each paragraph I make. Happily starting a new blog means I can do something I always wanted to get around doing before - having human friendly URLs. Posts based on the subject name are always much nicer. No comments either - sorry, but I'm not going down that road again. Feel free to email me or blog somewhere if you have something to say.

Ooh, Miker is IMing me from India right now - he just landed, which is insane, as it feels like he left days ago. Why is it that Mumbai is 12 - and a HALF - hours ahead? What's that 30 minutes for? It's nutty? (Don't believe me? Ask your iPhone. ;-) Okay, I can't continue this post with him pinging me with crazy adrenaline-and-jetlagged powered messages, so I'll post this and come back.  Lots and lots to say in the coming posts. What I've been up to (I don't work for Yahoo! any more in case you hadn't heard) and what sort of technology is giving me happy-warm-fuzzies lately, and lots of stuff like that.

Yay! I have a blog again! -Russ

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