Having a California Day


We just had a minor 5.6 magnitude earthquake... Though that's one of the biggest I've felt. I think the biggest was a 5.9 or a 6.0? I can't remember... it was a while ago. I got here in 1996 and was gone for 4 years, so I haven't actually felt many, really. But enough to know what's going on when it happens.

I was just thinking today when dropping Alex off at daycare that I was having one of those days when I suddenly realized I was in California. That's because I first moved to San Francisco in October years ago, and then after I got back from my four year stint in Spain, it was October again... So right around this time I always get a sense of deja vu and notice, "hey, it's almost November, and I'm still wearing my shorts and sandals..."

I guess an earthquake just about rounds out that sort of day perfectly.

Welcome to California! :-)


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