Help Save Mobuzz!

Years ago when I lived in Madrid, I met up with Anil de Mello who was another expat living there at the time as well. We ate at a local McDonald's, played with mobile phones and talked about starting companies. I later moved back to the U.S. to do my startup, while Anil stayed in Madrid and started which has been extraordinarily successful.

Well, they're starting to get into a cash crunch it seems, and need influx to stay afloat for a few more months until they get their investor situation sorted. I just donated a bit to help Anil and crew out. I had to ask for cash last year around this time to keep Mowser going as well, and it really saved me (though I didn't need nearly as much as they do!). So if you've ever viewed Mobuzz and enjoyed it, go click on the links above and drop a few bucks via PayPal to help them out!


Update: Looks like Mobuzz sadly closed officially. Bummer.

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