How to categorize friends in Facebook?


Anyone have a clue about the best way to categorize friends in Facebook using their new friend groups thing? There doesn't seem to be any really good way of defining who goes where without making exceptions of one sort or another. I guess you can put you contacts in several categories, but I was hoping to be simpler than that.

At first I was thinking it'd be nice to separate out people by simply, "Have I actually met you or not?" as I've got probably 50 contacts in my 170 or so that I've never seen in person, but that actually has very little relevance on whether they're friends of mine or not... Then there's business contacts vs. personal... but again, that gets blurred. How about, "actual and real, honest to goodness friends" vs. everyone else? Acquaintances? Old co-workers? What the hell do I do with them all? They're not all "friends", but having them in a list somewhere is good to have handy.

Honestly, I really truly despise the whole contacts and networking thing... Mark Cuban was complaining the other day because he wants more than 5,000 friends and now has to make decisions on who to add or not. Are you kidding me? What a fucking freak of nature.


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