I am not a journalist...

Oh, good, I have a blog again so I can rant.

Someone, somewhere put my name on some international list of tech journalists and bloggers last year (after I closed my other blog, amusingly enough), and though I've been screaming at PR agencies ever since to leave me alone, there's really been no letup in the daily spam I receive from these people. I would call them morons, but they're probably not. That person who put my name on that list is, and if I ever found him or her there would be physical violence for sure, but the rest aren't even looking at the list - they're just hitting "mail merge" and sending off random crap to me. Every Day.

Do you have a blog and this problem as well? It's nuts - I can't figure out how to filter it without losing legitimate email.

So if you know anyone who has control of some master list of PR contacts, and you see my name, send an email and get it off there. Though I do enjoy being incredibly, insanely rude and spiteful in my emails to the various agencies who've contacted me over and over again (I'm polite the first time... but then, it's open season), I probably should do something more positive with my time.


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