I have "issues" with email...

I spent much of the evening last night going through my inbox, and hating every second of it. So then I spent time messing around with Thunderbird to see if i could get it to function more like something that I would actually want to use on a daily basis. Buttons! is a great extension, which let me hide the folders menu completely... That seemed to help a bit. And I'm trying out "tags" rather than folders now... because if I move an email to a folder, it's out of my site and out of my mind forever.

God knows why it's easier for me to write to a blog than email someone, but it is. So weird. I still haven't responded to everyone I need to respond to. Urgh.

So anyways, this Tech Talk: Inbox Zero from Merlin Mann of 42 Folders seems perfect right now. Let's see if it helps. :-)


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