I need a job!

Ahh, so it's that time again, when I post about needing to find a job - only this time I really mean it. :-) I've spent the past couple months decompressing after the failure of Mowser, and now looking at my bank account, it's time to get serious about moving on. Happily I can say that I'm rested, semi-tanned, and completely bored out of my mind, so finding a nice place to do some cool stuff sounds very appealing to me at the moment.

If you have a job that you think I might be good for, please email me at russ@russellbeattie.com, or call me at +1 415 606 5345.

My resume is here. The question you might be asking after seeing it is what exactly is it that I do? Well, that's a good question. I'm not a heads-down programmer any more, nor do I have real experience in product or project management, and though I did start my own company, it died... So that leaves me with hand waving, I guess. Do you need a good hand-waver (consultant, strategist, analyst)? If so, I'm your man!

Actually, I swore that if I failed at Mowser, I was going to shift gears and do something else like write for a living, or maybe be a full-time analyst (I did apply to Forrester last week, but they haven't responded yet). That said, the salary you can make in a technology company is still better than what you get as a writer, so it'd be sort of silly to just jump ship if I can still get a decent gig at one of the web companies or startups around. It's going to be a tough haul, though... I've had some phone interviews already with people just looking for low-level PHP contractors and they didn't go well, and since I don't think anyone in the mobile-web business wants to talk to me any more (for obvious reasons, as I think they're doomed) I really have limited options. If you know of something, definitely send it my way!



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