Okay, I have to admit... The allure of developing a neat web app for the iPhone is just too much for me, especially when people like Joe Hewitt make it so easy to just throw some HTML up on your server and make it look really cool. I used his test code last weekend to create an initial version of a feed directory browser for Mowser, but today Joe published his iUI template, and I just had to update my app. Joe has made it so that just by creating plain-ol' HTML and adding a small JavaScript library and CSS stylesheet, you can have a dynamically updating iPhone app in minutes. It's pretty kick ass. Yes, I know I just ranted against this sort of thing just the other day, but Joe's solution is pretty close to being based on web standards and so quick to do, I don't mind launching something quickly. Okay, okay... so I'm an iHypocrite. What can I say?

Anyways, using the new template, I took some original code I have on Mowser which pages through the 2000+ popular feeds formatting for mobiles, and converted it into a dynamically loading iPhone app. You can see it at http://mowser.com/ifeeds . I'm not sure, but it may actually be one of the first iPhone apps out there with integrated advertising. :-)

Unlike any other feed readers out there, however, the final link pass through the Mowser content adapter. Yes, the iPhone can display normal web pages quite well - but over EDGE that might be a really slow and painful experience. By using Mowser, you can still view feeds and read articles even while connected over a slow link.

Okay, now I need to get to work on stuff for the other 3 billion phones out there. :-)




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