I'm Actively Looking For Funding

So last night's post about the Mobile Google support in Mowser was a bit of a disappointment - I was hoping that I could ride the news of the Mobile AdSense stuff and play it into some decent link love, but either no one saw it, or no one cared, and I got zero mentions today. No biggie - most of the news cycle was taken up with the TC40 and Google's new PowerPoint stuff anyways. Hopefully someone will notice how cool that feature is eventually and give me a writeup.

However, the startup buzz has convinced me that I can get funding if I really go for it, so instead of taking the next month and look for a job, I'm going to start networking like mad to get some cash, which I've avoided doing until now. Preferably Angel funding, but VC funding is just as good. Anything that will let me keep working on my own ideas will be great. The original plan was for me to become self-sustaining and building a team before going out to look for a round, but that didn't happen in the six months I was able to stay afloat, so now I'm punting with what I have - which is a working product and a solid plan for bigger things to come.

So! For the next few weeks, or until you actually see me post my resume, I'm still 100% working on my startup. I'll need help, so please send any thoughts, contacts, etc. to me at russ@russellbeattie.com.



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